PGC Galvan Prodmet

galvanizate petrescu

S.C.PGC Galvan Prodmet SRL is founded with an entirely privately owned capital. Scope of business is represented by the manufacture of corrosion metal coatings by electro –chemical and thermo –chemical processes 

We have a total of four operation lines :

a. frame subacid galvanizing line, 
b. frame alkaline galvanizing line,
c. rotary drum galvanizing line,
d. browning- phosphating line. 

Our services:
- anticorrosive treatment of various parts of the civil and industrial engineering, as well as from the automotive industry;
- we have developed collaboration with different companies in the area for manufacturing the most complicated parts that require turning, milling.

 Frame alkaline and zinc-nickel galvanizing line. zinc-nichel


Punctul de lucru: Comuna Maracineni, nr.291, jud.Arges

  • Telefon: 0248 / 278 500